Eirik Jåtten

Rector, and Gaming Pedagogue John Arne Gaard Nilsen, Revheim Secondary School

Eirik Jåtten is the rector at Revheim secondary school in Stavanger Municipality. Eirik is also the  chairperson of the TeknoLab Foundation and holds a master's degree in ICT and learning from Stord / Haugesund University College. He has been involved for more than 10 years and worked a lot with the subjects of motivation and  science. He strongly encourages students to get practical work with relevant  issues in the subjects, as the basic idea of the STEM (Science, Technology,  Engineering and Mathematics) concept adds. Since 2003, Eirik has been working a lot with Lego  Mindstorms and FIRST Lego League, and is currently Scandinavia's representative in the  FIRST Challenge Advisory Team.