What Happens when you Combine sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Youth?

Many of the challenges related to sustainability can be solved through entrepreneurship and innovation, in the hands of our younger generation. Youth is a driving force for change, in a collaboration with the experienced from the established.

Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) is on a mission to empower youth to solve the sustainability challenges. Founded as a direct response to the Paris Conference COP21, due to its lack of action and focus on the solutions, the organisation set out on a mission to find the best talents from across the world to create impact startups from scratch. Start-ups set to solve the sustainability challenges. Youth from across the globe are onboard. More than 30.000 applicants from over 180 countries have applied for the global innovation program.

The journey so far tells a story of how to engage youth all around the world and bridge the gap between the youth and the established. Connecting them to work together on mutual sustainability challenges.

24 September
10:12 - 10:27
Main stage, Mastrafjord, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair:



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Danat Tekie

Chief External Relations (Officer), Youth Sustainable Impact (YSI)