What about Humans, Culture and Nature in the Smart City

Can a smart city also be an attractive, vibrant and liveable city?

Despite efforts to work on human-centered smart cities, ICT and other technical solutions still dominate smart city development. Take for example Songdo City in South Korea, at the time billed as the world’s smartest city, yet it is having a difficult time attracting people. Despite all the high-tech installations and green spaces, the city is infamous for its lack of life and culture. This raises questions about the future of cities not only as technological marvels, but also as liveable places for humans, plants and animals.

This panel will provide a critical discussion from the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences raising questions about whether the smart city is also a liveable city?

25 September
14:00 - 15:30
Uburen, upper floor conference centre
Session Chair:
Anders Riel Muller
University of Stavanger



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Anders Riel Müller

Head of Smart City, University of Stavanger

Lene Rachel Andersen

Future Researcher, Philospher and Member of the Club of Rome

Kristiane Marie Fjær Lindland

Associate Professor, University of Stavanger

Sean Dexter Denham

Archeologist, Archeological Museum of Stavanger

Truls Eric Johan Engström

Associate Professor, The Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger