Public - Private Sector Partnership Models for Energy Wise Cities

How can we secure smart and efficient public - private collaboration in the making of making energy wise cities?

In energy wise cities, the buildings and blocks form an active part of the energy system in producing, storing and consuming energy. Energy-efficient and low-carbon buildings, in turn, enable the use of renewable energy, real-time energy monitoring and regional zero or plus energy systems.

The 6Aika Energy Wise Cities project boosts energy-efficient housing, zero energy construction, diversified energy systems, energy efficiency monitoring and end user guidance in the six largest cities in Finland. The integration of energy systems, together with buildings, enables open regional energy platforms and the development of flexible energy ecosystems. The actions taken in the project will have a significant impact on the achievement of the national climate goals.

The project uses a structured, well-documented procedure for making the most of collaboration between public and private sectors, enhanced with the latest knowledge from the research community. It includes:

  • mapping the market for new solutions
  • dialogue with private company experts, and
  • quick experiments for trying out the most promising solutions.

All participating cities are committed to offering urban districts and public buildings as real-life test beds for new energy wise solutions. Best practices and learnings will be shared through discussion and presentations.


  • Making cities carbon neutral through public-private partnership models - Case: 6Aika Energy Wise Cities project
    By: Tuomas Vanhanen and Ann-Sofi Österberg-Aikio
  • Company perspectives: The rold of public sector in accelerating business.
    By: Luca Oggiano, Nabla Flow, and Markku Ylönen, Polar Night Energy
  • Panel discussion: What are the best practices that cities use or should use, to boost emerging businesses?
    Panelists are:
    Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director, City of Tampere
    Anne Woie, Head og Economic Developement and International Affairs, City of Stavanger
    Markku Ylönen, CTO, Polar Night Energy
    Luca Oggiano, CEO, Nabla Flow

25 September
12:30 - 13:30
Lysefjord B, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair:
Tuomas Vanhanen and Ann-Sofi Österberg



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Tuomas Vanhanen

Project Manager, Energy Wise Cities, City of Tampere

Ann-Sofi Österberg-Aikio

Project Manager, Energy Wise Cities, City of Turku

Anne Woie

Head of Economic Development and International Affairs, City of Stavanger

Teppo Rantanen

Executive Director, City of Tampere, growth, innovation and competitiveness. Responsible for Smart City program and other major city development programs.

Luca Oggiano

CEO of Nabla Flow

Markku Ylönen

CTO of Polar Night Energy