Spark Edge Data Center – Smarter Societies for a Greener Planet

The Spark Edge DataCenter is, a sustainable data center project that fuels connected Power Cities with energy from its excess heat. The collaboration strives to transform this high energy-consuming typology into an energy-producing resource for communities to generate their own power.

In Lyseparken, the datacenter will sit at the heart of a new business park with 600,000 square metersof office space. The businesses will each have a stake in a local power company, and will each produce and consume electricity from a mix of renewable sources including solar and thermal energy. The data center–which can handle data for businesses or government–will buy solar energy from the power company, and then sell heat back. The arrangement offers low power bills, dividends from the power company for building owners, and, for the data center and other businesses with waste heat, the opportunity to make money from that energy. The new development will also include 3,000-5,000 new houses, which will house people working in the new area. The new town will be close enough to the city of Os, close to Bergen, Norway, that people can bike there.

September 26th - Expo Stage
Vindafjorden, upper floor Forum Expo
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