Responsible Innovation in Digital Health – Empowering the Patient

How can we promote digitalinnovation in healthcare?

In this session we will present findings from the 4-years research project “Digitalize or Die - Responsible Research and innovation in health and welfare service” (funded by NRC, pr.number 247716/O70) that resulted in a book “Responsible innovation in digital healthempowering the patient".  In the research project we explored entrepreneurial firms operating in healthcare services across different countries – Norway, The Netherlands, USA, UK, Brazil, to find out how innovation in this sector happens, what challenges and opportunities arise and what lessons can be learnt.

Our findings indicate that patients are no longer a passive receiver of services. Their innovation behaviour represents a spectrum – from passive, up to active involvement, into development of innovations in health. Patient’s voices are important – otherwise digital innovations in healthcare can be rejected, resulting in the waste of human and material resources both for businesses and for society as a whole.

In this session, you will hear examples of digital innovations from Norway, Brazil and The Netherlands, and we will underline how stakeholder inclusion contributes to taking those innovations to the market. We provide a framework that can be used by businesses, and also suggest some policy implications that might encourage regional and national guidelines to promote digital innovations in health.

25 September
10:45 - 11:45
Uburen, upper floor conference centre
Session Chair:
Tatiana Iakovleva
University of Stavanger, Project Digitalize or Die



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Tatiana Iakovleva

Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Stavanger

Thomas Laudal

Associate Professor, University of Stavanger

Elin Oftedal

Associate Professor, University of Tromsø

Elisa Thomas

Post-doctor at the Centre for Innovation Research at the University of Stavanger

Raj Kumar Thapa

Research Scientist, GenØk-Centre for Biosafety