Plastic Fantastic

Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans. This negative trend is only set to increase in the coming decades. It is one of the greatest challenges of our time – and one that coming generations will pay the price for.

A change of attitude towards plastics is required at all levels, in addition to an increased focus on cleaning and following up the oceans.


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Please note that the conference takes place at Mostun. A four minute walk from Stavanger Forum, the Nordic Edge Expo venue. Map

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26 September
Session Chair:
Pia Ve Dahlen
Fredrik Hermansen's Memorial Fund



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Cathrine Hermansen

Mother, Founder and Board Leader, Fredrik Hermansens Memorial Fund

Klaus Mohn

Rector, University of Stavanger

Fredrik Myhre

Senior Advisor, WWF Norway

Sissel Rogne

Director, Institute for Marine Research (IMR)

Sigrun Syverud

CEO and Co-Founder, FJONG Norge AS

Cecilie Uttian, Ingeborg Solvoll, Jenny By

Students at Thora Storm Secondary School

Lars Urheim

CEO & XR, Ope AS

Kjell Inge Svendsen

Forretningsutvikler/Founder, Ecofiber Recycling AS

Helge Trettø Olsen

CEO, Resqunit

Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen

Chief Commercial Officer, Quantafuel

Susie Jahren

Plast Forsker og Sirkulær Økonomi Lead, SINTEF

Catharina Frostad

Co-Founder & CSO, Clean Sea Solutions

Lene Gravdal

Brand advisor, Green Impact

Susanne Heart

Serial-Founder / Mentor / Green Politician

Ingjerd H. Haarstad

CEO of Delfinen

Pia Ve Dahlen

Freelance Marine Biologist