Money Makes the Smart City go Round

Mastercard is joining Nordic Edge Expo 2018 to showcase how cutting edge technology and insights are making cities smarter. Asa global payment technology company, Mastercard is working with over 100 cities to help them provide residents, visitors and small businesses with better access to essential needs such as transportation, education, employment and financial services.

Johan Envall, Mastercard’s Director of European MarketDevelopment, is building key partnerships to support and introduce innovation and new technology in acceptance solutions. AtNordic Edge Expo he will do a keynote speech on how we can rethink money and payment in the Smart City:

“We’re excited to take part at Nordic Edge Expo, the largest smart city event in the Nordics, to pan out the current and future developments in payment solutions in the cashless society. We know that theNordic countries are early adopters of new technology, and there is always a will – both in the public and private sector - to look for solutions that will improve the lives of the citizens.”

September 26th - Plenary Session
09:58 - 10:13
Main stage, Mastrafjord, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair:
Johan Envall

Director, European Market Development - Mastercard