How to use Innovative Public Procurement to Achieve your Smart City Goals?

Procurement is a strategic tool to achieve your smart city strategies.  The National suppliers development programme have collaborated with public institutions in procuring smart city solutions since 2010. In this key note, you will learn about:- What is innovative procurement?- How to do it?- Frontrunning Norwegian Smart City examples within welfare tech, environment and digital solutions.

This keynote is suitable for: public administrators and managers, procurers, cities and regions who have or are going to create a smart city strategy together with suppliers of smart city solutions.

The National suppliers development programme is co-owned by the Norwegian Confereration of Enterprice, Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, The Research Counsil of Norway and Innovation Norway


September 26th - Plenary Session
09:40 - 09:55
Main stage, Mastrafjord, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair:
Hanne Lystad

Lead Digital, Innovation in Public Procurement, Difi