How2MOOC - When social values meet technology

Yaacov Hecht will talk about his journey from founding the first democratic school, to the development of the How2MOOC model that enables students in regular schools to choose what, how, and when to learn.

Yaacov Hecht is an educator, author, and expert on education andinnovation. He founded the Democratic education movement back in 1987.

The democratic education is an educational approach that attempts to address the following key question: How to prepare the student towards life in a democratic society? A question that is supposed to be the driving force of the education system. In the democratic education, the student focuses on exploring and identifying his/her individual and social goals and develops strengths in such way that enables him/her to direct one’s life according to these goals. The school assists the student in creating and acquiring the tools that will help him/her achieve one’s goals.

26 September
Main stage, Mastrafjord, ground floor conference centre
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Yaacov Hecht

Founder of Democratic School and Education Cities