Designing Cities for People

How can we build cities that encourage public, vibrant life?

One hundred years ago we didn’t have a public health sector. It is time to create a public life sector! Founding Partner and CEO of Gehl Architects, Helle Søholt, champions the importance of true public space when designing cities for people. Through her leadership, strategic and organisational talent, Gehl has developed a knowledge base and experience portfolio that is respected internationally in the field of urban design and urban development. Over the years of its existence, Gehl has been awarded multiple prizes and recognitions for its contribution to making cities more liveable and sustainable around the world.

24 September
09:55 - 10:10
Main stage, Mastrafjord, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair:



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Helle Søholt

CEO and Founding Partner, Architect MAA, M. Arch., MMD at Gehl