Sustainable Food in the Meetings and Events Market (MICE)

How can we improve the quality and the sustainability of the food offer in larger meetings and events?

Through the Meeting & Events Industry, destinations have the opportunity to showcase their city culture and their engagement in sustainability to potential visitors, investors and residents.

This large and complex industry is shifting toward more sustainable business, responding to the demand of local authorities, event owners and participants. Improving the sustainability of food value chain presents a lot of challenges but also many opportunities; How to offer local, healthy, tasty food to large groups in little time? How to prevent food waste and increase profitability? How to open the business to small scale local food producers? How to use events as a catalyst for a local food revolution?

Throughout the session, experts and professionals from the industry will be discussing the challenges and the existing solutions to bring sustainable food to the MICE Market.

24 September
14:00 - 15:30
Vindafjorden, upper floor Forum Expo
Session Chair:
Délice Network



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Guy Bigwood

Sustainability Consultant, Strategist, Speaker, Facilitator

Katarina Torstensson

Sustainability Strategist, Göteborg & Co

Per Morten Haarr

Director of Conventions Bureau, Region Stavanger

Nacho Peres

Organic-biodynamic Food Producer in Barcelona