Building Partnerships for Sustainable City Development

Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement requires fundamental changes in how we produce our energy and organise our cities. How can universities, industries and municipalities cooperate to achieve this?

In this session, we will explore partnerships from different perspectives. The first talk will be by Klaus Mohn, rector at the University of Stavanger. Klaus will talk about how we can increase the quality of research and education. To do this we have to understand the challenges in our society to be able to stay in front of upcoming trends.

The next talk is from one of Future Energy Hub’s industrial partners Åsta Vaaland Veen, Technical director at the Port of Stavanger. Åsta will discuss the port’s role in a smart city. The talk will focus on how they work with pilot projects and partnerships to become more sustainable.

We round up this session with a talk from Maja Yhde, senior Project Manager at Gate21. Maja will talk about which tools they use to facilitate partnerships between municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions. The goal of the projects they facilitate is to accelerate the green transition.

25 September
11:00 - 12:15
Lysefjord B, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair:
Future Energy Hub



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Helleik Syse

Project Coordinator at Future Energy Hub, University of Stavanger

Klaus Mohn

Rector, University of Stavanger

Åsta Vaaland Veen

Technical Director, Port of Stavanger

Maja Yhde

Senior Project Manager, Gate 21