Atea Community Stavanger

Atea Community is Norway's largest tech conference, and take place for the fourteenth time. We promise a better and wider professional program than ever before. Learn, experience and expand what technology is to you in your daily life, at work in the private and public sector and in the community around you.

The agenda includes topics such as security, genetic engineering, AI, welfare, aquaculture, smart city and industrial production. For the more advanced, there will be technical indepth talks in the lab, and of course a wide variety of inspirational lectures that send you home a little smarter, a bit more curious, and a little more prepared for the future that is happening today.



You are the Driving Force!
Michael Jacobs, CEO, Atea

CRISPR – When Life can be Reprogrammed
Ole Johan Borge, Director, Bioteknologirådet

The Truth about Artificial Intelligence
Morten Goodwin, Associate Professor, University of Agder

Modernizing Existing and Build Cloud Native Applications
Lars Johansson, Azure Solutions Architect, Microsoft,
Tom Berget, Director, PearlCare and
Thomas Wilhelmsen, IT-director, Komplett


Networks in Cloud Strategy
Anita Sondresen, Solution Advisor Network and Security, Atea
11:00–11:45 & 12:00–12:45 • Vårlivarden

Human Friendly Digitization
Christoffer Wenaas, Organizational Psychologist, Moment
11:00–11:45 • Uburen | 14:00–14:45 • Mastrafjord C

Rhetoric in Professional Presentations
Jahn Erling Øverli, Communication Director, JCP
12:00–12:45 • Uburen | 15:00–15:45 • Mastrafjord C

Local Microsoft Datacenter
Randulf Grotle, Microsoft Director Datacenter Norway
14:00–14:45 • Lysefjorden B

Innovative Public Procurements
Einar Vaage, Regional Director, Atea
15:00–15:30 • Lysefjorden B

Note: Atea community is being held in Norwegian

September 26th - Parallel Session
09:00 - 21:00
Lysefjord A, ground floor conference centre
Session Chair: