AI trainers: What do they do and how to become one?

Traditional job prospects for literature majors and other humanists might have to wait. Tech companies in Scandinavia are growing rapidly, and someone has to write copy, handle data, marketing, and make sure that the company runs smoothly.

Operations Manager of Convertelligence, Øyvind Steinkopf Sund will tell his story of how he went from literature studies to become an AI trainer in one of Norway's fastest growing tech startups. What does the role of an AI trainer entail, and how can you become one? Hopefully, you will leave this presentation with a clearer understanding of what an AI trainer does. Who knows? Maybe you would want to become one yourself? 

26 September
Main stage, Mastrafjord, ground floor conference centre
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Øyvind Steinkopf Sund

Bid and Proposal Manager, Kindly