The moderator

We are pleased to announce that Tobias Heiberg Jørgensen will be this year’s conference moderator at the KnowHow EdTech conference. Tobias is the Head of the Teacher Education Programme at Playful Learning at Københavns Professionshøjskole.

Playful Learning is a collaborative programme between the Danish University Colleges and the LEGO Foundation. The ambition with Playful Learning is to enhance children’s creative and experimental approach to the world and bolster a lifelong motivation for playful learning. To be creative and playful throughout life is a fundamental part of being human, it’s essential to participation in meaningful and innovative communities and it’s vital in a changing, globalized world.

For this reason, the key target group for Playful Learning are educators working with teacher education and social education at all University Colleges. These educators must trigger a chain reaction to enhance creativity, curiosity and a desire for experimentation among Danish children.

You can read more about Playful Learning here.

For several years, Tobias has worked to create substantial quality in the Danish educational sector on both a national policy level and locally with Danish teacher training.

His work is centered around driving educational cultures between future and tradition. If we genuinely want to develop and strengthen a different set of competencies in our school systems, we must focus on developing more consistent and concrete examples of new learning environments that correspond more profoundly with the competencies of tomorrow. Based on that philosophy Tobias Heiberg was one of the driving forces in creating such examples with Future Classroom Lab and the innovative teacher training programme Future Classroom Teacher at Københavns Professionshøjskole.

Active and inspirational breaks

Drones. 3D modelling and 3D printing. Programming and coding. This is just a couple of exciting things happening during the conference breaks.

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Innovation Camp

Junior Achievement (JA) Norway, together with Laerdal Medical, challenges pupils from Kristianslyst secondary school during KnowHow EdTech 2019!

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We offer a variety of parallell sessions, or practical workshops that is: Best practice of both G Suite for Education and Office 365, Governance models, Games for teaching, Machine learning and Individual learning paths. Remember to sign up for one session before - and one session after lunch!

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