Why Visit?

See whats moving, find strategic partners, get inspired. There's ample of opportunity to learn, network and potentially spearhead your city, company or start-up forward at Nordic Edge Expo.

The Smart City concept is all about improving the lives of citizens by putting new technology to good use or finding innovative ways to transform existing solutions. For tech companies Nordic Edge is an avenue for inspiration and finding potential collaborators. For the public sector it might reveal desired opportunities. Either way, Nordic Edge Expo takes Smart Cities to the next level. The conference presents thought-provoking, ground-breaking keynote talks, whilst the exhibition showcases the latest innovations put to practical use. Throughout the event workshops and interactive sessions supplement the world-class conference and exhibition.

It is the foremost meeting place for Smart Cities in the Nordics, and it is worth the visit:

"The Nordics have an opportunity, even a responsibility to take a real leadership position on all things sustainability, sustainable cities and beyond. I am very impressed and
would say that Nordic Edge Expo is the right place to do it."

           - Robert Strand, University of California, Berkeley and Copenhagen Business School

“If you haven’t been to Nordic Edge Expo before, plan on coming next year. There is a really great buzz. People are walking around talking to exhibitors, talking to each other. Asking some really great questions."

                      -Richard Elberger, Global IoT Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon

“I am very inspired. If you want to describe digital and moving that into liveability its about partnerships and that can happen here at Nordic Edge.”

                     - Hilde Tonne, Exectutive Director and Chief Innovation Officer, Ramboll Group

Keynote speaker: Kim Escherich

Ethics in Tech – Where is the Limit

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Preliminary Conference Programme

This year 150 speakers will share their professional insights on current Smart City topics, followed up by an array of interactive sessions and workshops delivered by our valued co-organisers from near and far.

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