Safaris 2018

We are offering some exciting Safaris this year.

ATEA Smart Office

Visit what is to be one of the smartest buildings in the world

Atea invites you to a guided tour through their new office building. The office is located in Sola, in a newly established business area call Sola Airport Arena. The building itself is approximately 3200 m2, ready with technology and sensors throughout the building. This tour will explain how Atea intend to make the building smart using all this technology. Their ambition is to bring this building to life and make it the smartest building in the World. Nordic Edge coincides with the move-in date, meaning that you are invited at the same time as the movers are moving Atea in to the new building.

13:00 - 15:00 Thursday 27th September, bus departure at 13:00 from outside the Conference Hall (Stavanger Forum) entrance.

Smart Gjesdal

In 2013, Gjesdal Municipality started a process to developing a new city centre in Ålgård. Involvement to ensure ownership for all stakeholders has been a key factor, and the result is a brand new centre which residents, businesses, politicians and many more support and are proud of.

Join us to hear more about the story, and see the result in real life. In addition, you will hear about the FABULOS-project, a Horizon 2020 project for autonomous busses where Ålgård will become a test site, and how Gjesdal works to establish a joint energy solution for buildings in the centre of Ålgård.

For more information please see:

Smart City Gjesdal (Norwegian only)

Gjesdal Municipality (English)

13:00 - 15:30 Thursday 27th September, bus departure at 13:00 from outside the Conference Hall (Stavanger Forum) entrance.

To register for the above safaris, please go to the following link: Register for a Safari

N.B. Alll safari´s are free, however, there are limited spaces so please sign-up today!

Smart City Stavanger Tour - Please note that this safari is now fully booked

Experience Stavanger as a smart city. Join us for a walk around the centre of Stavanger and discover smart city solutions in their natural habitat. Get to know Stavanger's approach on how to use the city as a platform for innovation with living labs, infrastructure for sensor technology and public-private partnerships.

Your safari guides are two advisers from Smart City Stavanger and a Senior Business Developer from Lyse, who is one of the cities key partners. They will share insights about the projects, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with them along the way.

18:00 - 19:30 Wednesday 26th September, bus departure at 18:00 from outside the Conference Hall (Stavanger Forum) entrance.

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