Keynote speaker: Kim Escherich

Ethics in Tech – Where is the Limit

Today, we are being faced by increasing digitization from artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain and other technology areas. This is a gift to humanity and we can solve some of the great problems, but there is a flipside: Increased speed, complexity, human disconnectedness, distance to nature and a bunch of ethical issues. So what should we do? How can technology impose ethnical and moral dilemmas, and how should we create a world where humans thrive, cities are safe and the digital world becomes human.


Kim Escherich is an Executive Tech Geek with a philosophical mind, activist, humanist and speaker. He serves as the chairman of the Danish folk bildung organization Fremvirke, is the Executive Innovation Architect at IBM and part of the faculty at SingularityU Nordic. He specialises in technology driven innovation and has a special interest in ethical consequences of artificial intelligence and extreme digitization. Long experience from large scale projects and initiatives, including smart cities, transportation systems, mobility and supply chain.

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