Keynote Speaker: Helle Søholt

Designing Cities for people

Helle Søholt is an internationally renowned architect and speaker focusing on the issues of urban quality, quality of life and mobility when designing cities with and for people.

Founding Partner and CEO of Gehl Architects, Søholt champions the importance of true public space. As she points out the world did not have a public health sector one hundred years ago, but the world has moved on, and it is now time to create a public life sector.

Through her leadership, strategic and organisational talent, Gehl Architects has developed a knowledge base and experience portfolio that is respected internationally in the field of urban design and urban development. Over the years of its existence, Gehl has worked with cities across the Nordics, including Copenhagen, Stockholm. Gothenburg and Oslo. Internationally, she has worked in cities such as Cape Town, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Seattle, New York, Vancouver, London, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. In doing so, Gehl has been awarded multiple prizes and recognitions for their contribution to making cities more liveable and sustainable around the world.  

At Nordic Edge Expo Søholt will share her extensive knowledge of leading change processes in cities into a 21st century value based planning model, centered on people.

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