Speakers 2019

A few years ago, award- winning journalist Ginger Gorman and her family, suffered the effects of online hate first-hand. Her series of articles on trolling for newspapers in Australia became some of the most read stories. She will share her story and advice on social media self-defence on KnowHow EdTech 2019.

Director of Valmet Learning Services, Emmeli Olen

Valmet have developed one of the most complete training systems on the market based on the combination of advanced computer-based training tools and experienced instructors to help you reach that next level.

As an experienced training provider, they have many years of experience in delivering training solutions to the pulp, paper and power generation industries.

Head of Academic Partnerships at Kiron Open Higher Education, Heba Ledwon

Heba Ledwon is Head of Academic Partnerships at Kiron Open Higher Education in Berlin, where she works on the connections between EdTech and policy-makers in the higher education sector.

Topics that spark her enthusiasm include strategic partnerships for a digital transformation and open access to education and knowledge resources through digital solutions.

She is also an expert in the field of integration of refugees into educational and labour markets. Particularly, her previous position as a policy officer and credential evaluator at the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) allowed her to shape and contribute to major developments in this field. She also advised migrants and refugees with regard to recognition of their foreign professional qualifications with the Network Intetgration Through Qualification (IQ). Heba Ledwon holds a Master degree from Freie Universität Berlin in the fields of Philosophy and Political Science

Ben Williamson

Senior Researcher Dr Ben Williamson

Through edtech, control over education is being handed to some of the world’s wealthiest and mostpowerful technology entrepreneurs, who want data, algorithms and AI to determine the future of learning itself. Should we let them take control of the classroom, or can we use edtech differently to shape positive futures for young people?

These are the words of Dr Ben Williamson, the author and Senior Researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

His research traces the connections between educational policy, digital technologies, and practices in schools and universities, and he will be one of the speakers on KnowHow EdTech 2019.

Williamson is the author of Big Data in Education:The digital future of learning, policy and practice and more than 30 research articles and chapters. Recent topics of Ben’s research include data analytics, algorithmic decision-making, coding in schools, behavioural apps, and the development of performance metrics in the schools and HE sectors.

He is especially interested in examining how digital technologies anddata are brought into education policy and practice through the involvement ofpolicy networks of government agencies, think tanks, consultancies, policy labsand software companies. His current projects focus on ‘intimate data analytics’such as wearable technologies, and on the ‘data infrastructures of highereducation’ that are required for performance measurement of universities.

Ben maintains a public research blog at https://codeactsineducation.wordpress.com/.

Øyvind Steinkopf Sund, Operations Manager at Convertellingence, will do at talk about AI trainers: What do they do and how to become one?

Traditional job prospects for literature majors and other humanists might have to wait. Tech companies in Scandinavia are growing rapidly, and someone has to write copy texts, handle data, marketing, and make sure that the company runs smoothly. The prodigy data scientist needs help, and he will be the first one to tell you. 

Øyvind will tell us his story about how he went from literature studies to become an AI trainer at one of Norways fastest growing tech startups. What does the role of AI trainer entail, and how does one become an AI trainer? Hopefully, you will leave this presentation with a clearer understanding of what the AI trainer does. Who knows? Maybe you would want to become one yourself? 

The Creative Coder, teacher and artist, Andreas Refsgaard from Copenhagen, will do a plenary talk and a workshop on KnowHow EdTech 2019.

In his workshop he will give you a hands on introduction to Machine Learning with a focus on creating your own interactive applications live on the web. No prior coding experience is required. In his plenary talk he will explain what Machine Learning is all about.

Yaacov Hecht from Israel, is the Founder of the Democratic School and the Education Cities. In order to support a child’s quest for learning, Education Cities facilitates the transformation of the city as a whole into a school. Every enterprise, whether a theater or a soccer team, and every available resource in a child’s city can serve as a fertile ground for his/her learning.

In return, the city itself benefits by contributing to a generation of students who are actively involved and invested in their communities. A city successful in linking its strength and growth areas with that of its students, and population as a whole, will produce strategic and exceptionally meaningful relationships in its community.

Active and inspirational breaks

Drones. 3D modelling and 3D printing. Programming and coding. This is just a couple of exciting things happening during the conference breaks.

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The moderator

We are pleased to announce that Tobias Heiberg Jørgensen will be this year’s conference moderator at the KnowHow EdTech conference. Tobias is the Head of the Teacher Education Programme at Playful Learning at Københavns Professionshøjskole.

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Innovation Camp

Junior Achievement (JA) Norway, together with Laerdal Medical, challenges pupils from Kristianslyst secondary school during KnowHow EdTech 2019!

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