Why participate? Here’s what our participants from 2018 say

"It is very important to have these conferences where tech-people and teachers have the opportunity to meet. It is essential to use the schools to bridge the knowledge gap between the pupils and make sure everyone gets equal knowledge and competence to use technology." Jan Tore Sanner, Norwegian Minister for Education and Integration

We value the feedback from our participants and are grateful for all the praise we receive. These are some of the thoughts about our 2018 event.

“The KnowHow EdTech Conference in Stavanger in combination with Nordic Edge Expo, is a very enlightened conference. There is a great mix of people attending. You get a very good combination of knowledge, experimentation and even hear from kids at school about how they experience using technology for their learning processes.”

Torgeir Waterhouse, Director Internet and new media, IKT-Norge

“It is nice to hear what people from all over the world think about the future of education. I am pleased many of the speakers focus on the human being in technology. Also good to hear that creativity will be an important factor of educationin the years to come. It is very inspiring to be here, and we also use theconference to network with others.”

Maria Aasbø, Manager, Junior Achievement - YoungEnterprise Norway

“It is a fantastic conference. There are so many different topics and the people who are speaking here are very interesting. I like the way it is set up. It’s a brilliant conference, and I am sure I’ll be getting back here next year.”

Tim Laning, Founder and commercial director, Grendel Games.

“During the conference it struck me that all of my fellow teachers should have been here.The messages from the stage very much confirm that we are doing some things right, but also shows that we need to pick up the pace. We have to stop talking and do more instead. Teachers need to be here to experience that.”

Silje Nåstad Svennevig, Department manager and teacher at Vågen High School

“We have to stay updated on the developments within educational technology and find out howit can change the way we teach. That is why we are here, to see theopportunities technology can bring into the classroom.”

Karl Roar Vigmostad, Teacher at St. Olav High School.


Through edtech, control over education is being handed to some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful technology entrepreneurs, who want data, algorithms and AI to determine the future of learning itself. Should we let them take control of the classroom, or can we use edtech differently to shape positive futures for young people?

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The Impact of EdTech

KnowHow EdTech 2019 will focus on The Impact of EdTech. Impact on the personal, organizational and societal level. How do technology influence you on a daily basis, in your educational, professional as well as in your social life? This will be the main topics for this years conference. More program details will be launched soon.

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Minister to open EdTech

Mr Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Education and Integration opens the KnowHow EdTech conference.

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