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Nordic Edge Expo is a platform that brings together the different players in the field and encourages cross-sector cooperation. Always with one aim in mind: Find answers to the current and future challenges of different-sized communities.

Here are some of the feedback from past events:

I am amazed by the turnout of the people. Nordic Edge Expo is hitting some momentous issues of the time, the content is very to the point, and the Nordic Experience is a good focus.
Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers
“It’s fantastic because you can see so many people really committed to the future, to what is important. It’s particularly interesting to see the connection between decisions made at political level and what happens in every day life for citizens and try to go beyond the big words which we hear everywhere and try to understand what it really means in practical terms, because it is only if you what happens in real life for every citizen you can actually make the right decisions.”
Thierry Béchet, EU Ambassador to Norway
It was such a pleasure to be at the Nordic Edge conference in the beautiful city of Stavanger. It was a great, inspiring event. The speakers and the quality of the discussions were top notch.

András Simonyi, Managing Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins - School of Advanced International Studies
Nordic Edge Expo is a great meeting place for everything that surrounds smart cities and smart societies and I think that
we have to come together in order to solve the great problems we have ahead of us.

Sofia Trope, Business Manager, Telenor
I would recommend Nordic Edge if you are looking to create a network, to be inspired and to see the possibilities for growing your business. Also for the municipalities and the public sector to find partners and to create solutions for their everyday problems.
Kristine Reitain Husebø, CEO, Greater Stavanger
I think it is critical to be at Nordic Edge to get an idea of the different products available, what suppliers are out there and what technologies they use as well as the advantages of the different technologies and so forth. It’s a place where you can gather a lot of information about developments in the market.
Andreas Hartmann, Managing Director, ADEC Technologies AG
I think it is very exciting that this place is an arena for the businesses and the authorities, the public sector and also the citizens. It’s a great place to be for each role.
Therese Sivertsen, Special Advisor, KS

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