The Impact of EdTech

KnowHow EdTech 2019 will focus on The Impact of EdTech. Impact on the personal, organizational and societal level. How do technology influence you on a daily basis, in your educational, professional as well as in your social life? This will be the main topics for this years conference. More program details will be launched soon.

The KnowHow EdTech conference was conducted for the first time in 2016, with great success. In December 2016 Stavanger adopted their smart city strategy, in which education and knowledge is one of the priority areas. It is crucial for our region to get the educational sector involved, to see the potential in educational technology to succeed in becoming a smart region.

Through the merger with the Nordic Edge Expo conference in 2017 we will establish a Nordic arena for KnowHow EdTech throughout the Nordic countries; to educate and develop talents.

The target group for educational technology is threefold: those who work in the classrooms and principals, at all school levels. In addition, those who work with competence in business. And last, but not least is the politicians who creates the conditions.

We provide you with the best regional, national and international speakers. What are the innovations and trends and benchmark and driving forces in what’s going on in education? The pupils in lower- and higher education will be technology-skilled employees when they enter the job market and have certain expectations to how to work together through efficient use of technology.


Through edtech, control over education is being handed to some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful technology entrepreneurs, who want data, algorithms and AI to determine the future of learning itself. Should we let them take control of the classroom, or can we use edtech differently to shape positive futures for young people?

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Why participate? Here’s what our participants from 2018 say

"It is very important to have these conferences where tech-people and teachers have the opportunity to meet. It is essential to use the schools to bridge the knowledge gap between the pupils and make sure everyone gets equal knowledge and competence to use technology." Jan Tore Sanner, Norwegian Minister for Education and Integration

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Minister to open EdTech

Mr Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Education and Integration opens the KnowHow EdTech conference.

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