Rampline AS is a Norwegian developer and supplier of playground equipment and designs for public spaces.

We specialise in developing  playground equipment for optimal development of basic physical skills. We supply playground equipment for playgrounds, schoolyards, parks, urban environment, activity/sport parks etc.

Never stop playing / Play is important for quality of life, and an important factor in learning and developing. With our products, you can play, move, master, be creative and develop balance and motor skills, whether you are 2 or 100 years old.

The power of balance / Balance is basic and fundamental skill in all human movement. Research shows that balance skills help children to develop better language, improve reading and writing skills, improve concentration and body control. In practicing new skills in all sports, balance is the most essential. Rampline’s playground equipment is designed for optimal stimulation of balance.

Born to be creative / Play and creativity are closely related. Good playground equipment will trigger the children’s creative abilities and desire to explore. Therefore, our products are designed for many different possibilities of movement

Our vision is to be a driving force for improving public health for children and youth in public space. With these three values we challenge the conventional playground market, and take action for what we believe makes a difference.

Therefore; never stop playing!

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