Folkets Strålevern was established in recognition of the fact that there is documented, peer-reviewed and published international research on harmful effects from electromagnetic radiation (such as is currently used for wireless communication; mobile telephony, wireless networks, etc.). It is one of our greatest challenges for health and the environment that this knowledge is not taken into account in the development and use of wireless communication technology. Microwave-based wireless communication technology damages all living life. Folkets Strålevern works to introduce a real precautionary line that can protect both humans and all biological life in nature from harmful effects from non-ionizing radiation - introducing limit values and legislation in the area that take into account the actual biological effects of radiation -on humans, animals, insects and plant life - at non-thermal levels, as shown inseveral internationally published peer-reviewed studies - introducing limit values for non-ionizing radiation which, unlike current limit values, can protect against damage from exposure over time.

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