Easee was founded in January 2018. The company’s founder-team has a background in development, production and sale of products in several different industries. Their core competence is the development of super-compact power electronics, industrial design and production. The team also has several years of experience in the charging industry, where they have played a central role in the development of one of the foremost charging solutions in the world today.

Early on we saw the need to develop a charger for the domestic market and we couldn’t just sit by and watch this opportunity leave us.

It had to be small, powerful and sexy. The solution also had to become part of the future electrical grid. The product should not only provide you with a wonderful experience, it should also promote the huge electric car growth we see today, without overloading the power grid.

We’ve been through our entire emotional registry to give our customers the very best experience, and we’ve really put our soul into the development of the product.

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