Aiwell Water AS is a newly established company under Aiwell Holding AS that works with siphonic drains in the streets. Today, all storm water in the pipes flows relatively slowly and by force of gravity.  When we remove all the air from the water with our proprietary system and thereby fill the pipes with 100% water, we can increase the water velocity. In this way we can carry more water, faster, through existing pipes by recycling pipes that are already in place. We install this system without having to dig up the existing pipes, so municipalities can save huge costs. This type of constructioni is much faster. With this system, the impact on the local population, traffic, and commercial operations is minimised.

We have started to cooperate with two universities: USN (University of South East Norway), where one of our employees will start a PHD study; and NMBU where a student will work on her Master's thesis featuring this new Aiwell Water concept. We have built the first simple facility together with Drammen Municipality. It has been a huge success and worked very well now for almost two years. Currently, we are working with Asker Municipality to move forward on a new project that will bring us closer to our goal. This goal is two fold: to develop systems that can regulate large existing areas using siphonic drains; and also to effectively lay new pipes in flat terrain without using pumps.

Calculations already show that capacity can be increased by 25-30% with a minimum slope. We can realistically expect to increase it further to 50-100% with a little more difference in elevation.

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